Here is the bottom line. You will never replace the value of a (qualified) bookkeeper or accountant by simply using QuickBooks. The sooner you come to terms with this the sooner you will be able to get moving in the right direction with your business’ bookkeeping needs. This blog intends to provide readers with insights and tips on how to use QuickBooks. The ultimate goal however, is to assist you in developing a sound accounting system. Good record keeping is the basis for good accounting. If you do not learn the lessons of how to physically track your data you will never understand how to do it in a program whether it is QuickBooks, self-prepared spreadsheets, or otherwise.

Full disclosure here; This website is chock-full of shameless plugs. We are a full service tax & accounting firm (Fagan & Fagan, LLP) and the ONLY purpose from my standpoint of this website is to help generate new business for my firm. If I can entice you to use my services for consulting, tax preparation, write-up, bookkeeping, etc. by sharing my knowledge and helping you get through the easy stuff, I am confident that your experience with our expertise will motivate you to call me when the time is right. And if you never do call me, I promise I will never send you a bill for reading the site.

So without further ado – welcome to qbclass.com. I hope that you find this useful and applicable to your business. Please comment on the articles if you have any input or comments.

Thank you for visiting.

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